Wednesday, July 16, 2014

{master bedroom redecoration}

I have started to redo our master a little bit. No painting or anything, just some good old reorganization. It is one of the rooms on my list of rooms to reorganize before heading back to school. Who am I kidding? I want to reorganize all of my rooms before I head back to school :) I started with Ryan's side of the bed. We each have a night side table, but that is not enough for all of Ryan's journals and books. Here is a before shot:
Yep, spilling out everywhere. Here is a shot looking at the bed to see his side:
Can you tell that Lilli was a little tired in this shot?
Here is one from the side:
I took this pic down to take to my classroom.
I found a great shelf at Target (thanks to my friend Leah), and I knew it would be perfect on Ryan's side of the bed. So I got it home, and set to the task of putting the shelf together. I also knew I needed baskets for holding some of the items on the shelf. What do you think?
That large basket on the top...has my contacts in it :) I just have a few...
It is just a start, so I will keep updating you as I do more. You can see that little light on the small table next to the bed. That is a little spot light that will be anchored right to the wall. I plan to buy another one of these shelves for the other side of the window. It will be more symmetrical, and then it will also offer more storage. We do not have a large bedroom, so any way to add more storage is a huge bonus.

Until later!

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