Tuesday, July 08, 2014

{Grand Turk pics + Uncle Ryan meets Baby Stella}

We were very happy that Ryan got back home very early this morning (1 am) from his trip to Grand Turk with Bumpah. They had a wonderful relaxing time, but they were happy to be home. Here are some pics that Ryan captured on his short trip:
Here is the beachfront of the hotel:
 There are dogs on the island, and here are five that hang out around the hotel:
 This is a beached ship along Governor's Beach:
 Along with the dogs, there are also wild horses and donkeys on the island. Check out the cute baby:
 There are no main airlines that fly into Grand Turk, so they had to take this little puddle jumper from Provo to Grand Turk:
Ryan was especially happy to get to meet Baby Stella tonight. Although Danny and Samantha were already planning to come over to our place for dinner tomorrow, Ryan decided that he couldn't wait another day to meet his beautiful niece. Well worth the wait:
Until later!

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