Wednesday, July 09, 2014

{Congratulations, Bumpah!}

After 42 years of practice, my amazing father-in-law retired today. Check out the pic that Ryan got:
Don't worry, we will fill up all of his free time. Caden plans to come up with quite a few things that Bumpah needs to build for him. He explained that Bumpah can build anything. Yes, he can.

We were lucky enough to spend some time with him last night. We had dinner at our place so more people could come over to meet Baby Stella. Have I told you how cute she is?! Seriously... So cute...
Caden and Lilli were also happy to get some time to play with Adin and Max. I love this pic of Caden and Adin sitting together watching a little Power Rangers before they left:
Buddies :)

Stay tuned for a special post for my mama tomorrow. Today is her birthday, so I dug up a special pic for her :)

Until later!

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