Saturday, June 07, 2014

{train fun, swimming, story time...}

We had a fun-packed day today. We met up with Tony, Maren, and kiddos at the Riverside & Great Northern Railway. We have never been there, and the kids absolutely loved it. First we had a picnic lunch, and then we piled into the little steam engines. Here are some shots we captured:

 Caden thought he was pretty awesome standing on the end of the tracks (unused):
 The train went along at a pretty nice clip:
 Lilli being goofy :)
This was before a little piece of coal flew back and went into Lilli's eye. That was the one drawback. I would advise anyone who goes to this to wear sunglasses. After we were done, we all had a little piece of coal on their clothing.
Here is a little video I shot of the ride:
Here are a few other pics:
 Here are my handsome guys:
All of us:
 If you look in this pic, you can see the coal. Yes, it is real :)
 My little cuties:
 Yes, they always insist on a pic with silly faces:
 Caden wanted to take a pic of Mama and Dada, too:
We then went back to the hotel and headed to the water park. I only took a couple pics, because we were too busy in the water:
 Always have to have the goofy faces...
After swimming for awhile we headed out to dinner, and then we came back and hung out for some time in our room. The kids were wild. Here is a pic that Ryan got of our wild animals:
The kids were also very excited to snap this pic:
One of the really nice things was the bedtime story time they had at night. The kids really liked it:
We also popped down to the arcade both last night and tonight. As you can tell, Ryan was probably a little more into the racing game than Lilli was :)
Is she even looking at the screen?
Caden cashed in his tickets for a little skateboard. He likes it because he is able to trade out the wheels and there is a little screwdriver. 

We will be back in the park again tomorrow am, but this time with the Josephs' clan as well :)

Until later!

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