Monday, June 16, 2014

{"summer school" + VBS}

I picked up some educational workbooks for the kids at the Dollar Store last week. I thought that Lilli and I could work on some school work when Caden starts summer school next week. I didn't want him to feel left out, so I bought him some books, too. I mentioned playing school this morning to the kids, and they were VERY excited about this. Caden even ran downstairs and grabbed their school fold-out toy that Amma got for them for Christmas. They took turns being the helper, and they each worked in one of their workbooks. Here are some pics I snapped:
Lilli worked on some shapes and matching games:
Look at these awesome little videos I can include!
It was so cute. Caden really liked working in the Language Arts workbook. He even was working on figuring out how many syllables are in each word. I told him he only need to do a couple of pages, but he wanted to keep going :) Lilli liked it also, but she was ready to transition to playing outside after 10 minutes.

Potty training is still going awesome! Here is Lilli eating a celebratory marshmallow:
The kids also had VBS tonight. I am a teacher for the preschoolers, so Lilli has been quite excited that Mama is going to be her teacher. Caden was extra excited because his friend Lukas from his 4K class was there, too. Both kids had a great night:
Silly faces!
Here is Lilli and her little friend Willow seeing how a magnet can attract sand:
It was a pretty filled day!

Until later!

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