Sunday, June 01, 2014

{saying goodbye to Peter Pan Nursery School}

Sadly after this school year ends, Peter Pan Nursery School in Oshkosh will be closing. As you may remember, not only does Caden go to this school, but Ryan also went there for preschool. To celebrate Peter Pan, there was a celebration this afternoon. Look at this beautiful picture we were able to capture:
Mrs. Rachel Koeller (Caden's classroom aide both last year and this year), Mrs. Nicole Roen (Caden's teacher this year), Ms. Barb Clark (aide in the class when Ryan was there), Mrs. Sharon Engel (Ryan's teacher), and Mrs. Peggy Kehoe (Caden's teacher from last year) 
I think the picture is so sweet. Notice also that Caden is wearing the shirt that Ryan made when he was at Peter Pan. So many memories in one picture :)

Until later!

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