Saturday, June 14, 2014

{potty training day two: success continues}

Lilli continued to use the potty today! Only for #1, but we are still really happy about this. We even ventured out of the house today! She is doing very well.

I have to share some pics with you from Thursday. That was the day we lost Bentley, so I only posted about him. That day was also Caden's last day of school:
He also decided that he wanted me to change his appointment for his kindergarten shots from this coming Monday to last Thursday. All because he wanted a toy that I bribed him with :) Bribery works. Yes, he did tear up from the two shots, but he did a great job. Here he is showing off his new morpher:
Ignore the fact that I caught the pic as he was about to blink :)
Until later!

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