Friday, June 27, 2014

{Playing around the campsite + Elroy Fair}

We hung around the campsite today. I am sure Caden wanted to go for another bike ride, but truthfully my butt needed a rest :) When you aren't used to riding a bike anymore, you can definitely feel 12 miles...everywhere. We started this morning with fruit and yogurt parfaits. The kids LOVED them. They each at two cupfuls. They were happy campers...get it? campers...
 Even got a thumbs up from Lilli:
After breakfast we headed out to the Elroy Fair. We saw signs for it as we came into town for camping, so we decided this would be something fun for the kids. The had 10 big blow ups for the kids to play on. It was $10 to play on all of them for all day. William fell asleep on the way there, so just Lilli and Caden played on them. They were laughing and running for blow up to blow up:
 Check out this sweet princess one:
 They just ran and ran:
 Lilli's face is hilarious in this pic:
 I don't think she could have had more fun:
 They were even able to race on some of them:
 After cooling off with some shaved ice, the kids went to feed some bunnies:
William wasn't too sure at first, but he warmed when Uncle Ryan helped him:
 Lilli was like a bunny whisperer:
She did such a great job. She even got nipped by one of the bunnies, but she didn't even cry:
The kids still had a lot of fun playing on the campgrounds. We swam some more, and they practiced some ball hitting skills.

It was a great day. Lilli was particularly tired :)
Until later!

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