Wednesday, June 04, 2014

{organization plans for Lilli's closet}

With this week being my last week with students this school year, I already have my sights set on getting the entire house organized. This will also include getting Lilli's room converted to a big girl room. I am currently looking for some ideas online. The big thing that I am trying to figure out is her closet. I know I need to move that dresser away from the dresser so that I can easily access both sides of her closet (I really need to do this in our bedroom as well). Here are some ideas that I found online:
I am not sure if one of those is definitely the answer, but they all have something to offer. I am leaning toward removing her closet doors and replacing them with curtain panels. That seems a lot cheaper than changing out the sliding doors. I HATE sliding doors. They get stuck, smack on things...I could go on and on. I have never liked them. Anyone have any other ideas? I am listening :)

Until later!

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