Thursday, June 05, 2014

{oh, a fishing we will go!}

Today was another beautiful day in sunny Wisconsin :) The kiddos got to spend some extra time with Grandma and Bumpah tonight, because I had a social to attend after work and Ryan had his Rotary meeting. I received the cutest pics from Grandma of the kiddos. Bumpah decided that the kids should try their hands at fishing. Caden has fished because, but Lilli was a newbie.
And they had success! Check out Lilli's catch:
She got a Rock Bass.
Caden found luck as well :)
Caden caught a Blue Gill.
Lilli also gave me all of the details about Bumpah cutting up the fish. She also told me that they would be eating them tomorrow. "But not the head, Mama."

Until later!

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