Wednesday, June 11, 2014

{my last day of school}

Another school year is officially in the books for me. This year really did fly by. This year's last day was like in the past, but it was a little more difficult this year. Not only is our principal leaving to be a superintendent in Sturgeon Bay, but we are also losing multiple members of our faculty for different reasons. Next year our school will be completely different. So this time the goodbyes were real. They were not just, "See you next year!" as it's been in the past. That is okay. Sometimes change is scary, but who knows? We have had it pretty great, but maybe it can be better.

I will leave you with a pic of Caden from last night. We met up with my friend Sheri and her son Carter for dinner at West End Pizza yesterday. Caden LOVES the crane game. He won four toys! Here he is posing with one of the toys he won, a Packer bear:
Such a talented little guy!

Until later!

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