Friday, June 13, 2014

{Lilli + potty training= success!}

We have been waiting for this day for what seems to be forever. Lilli woke up this morning and I told her no more diapers. Yes, she cried. We started with a pull-up, and I set the timer on the stove to go off every 30 minutes. If she sat on the potty, she got a sticker. At around 11 we transitioned to underwear over the pull-ups, and then at noon we went to straight underwear. She cried at each transition, but it worked!!! The first time she went it was barely a drip, but we celebrated like it was Niagara Falls. We even sent a thumbs up pic to Dada at work:
We didn't leave the house that day, and she ended up going six times today. Every time that she went she got a Tootsie Roll. Those are the candies that she picked out. She also picked out Bubble Guppy underwear, so there was a little planning that went into today. She is still going to sleep in a pull-up, but we are DONE with underwear!!! She even already said that Baby Stella can have her changing table and Baby William can have her diapers. I think it is a very good sign that she is separating herself from these items :) Let's hope tomorrow continues to be as great!

Until later!

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