Thursday, June 12, 2014

{Goodbye to Bentley...}

I have some very sad news to report. We had to unexpectedly say goodbye to our buddy Bentley early this morning. We are comforted to know he is running around and causing some mischief with his sister Sassy who has been waiting for him. 

It was Hemangiosarcoma. No warning signs. Labored breathing yesterday, and then all downhill from then on. It was very fast. We waited to tell the kids until tonight. Caden cried. Lilli handled it pretty well. I am not sure if she completely gets it, but Caden explained to her that he is in Heaven with Sassy. He also told her that we would all be together again someday. He did add, "But mama will be with them a lot before us. She is a lot older." What a little stinker... Have fun running with Sassy, Bentley!

Until later,

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