Thursday, June 26, 2014

{Finally some sunshine=bike riding, mini-golf, swimming...}

We had a pretty restful first night. It rained throughout the night. Lilli was my little snuggle buddy for the night:
We were so happy that the rain finally stopped. We wanted to take advantage of the nice weather and go for our bike ride to see some of the tunnels today:
Here are the boys in front of us:
 Here are the boys above the tunnel. Can you see them up there? Way up there!
 Here is a zoomed in shot of the happy guys:
I looked back at the trailer after taking pics of the boys, and this is what Lilli looked like:
 I was laughing my butt off!

Here is another nice shot of the guys:
William didn't make it too long before he fell asleep:
Here is a nice close-up:
After we got back to the campsite, the kids also wanted to play a little mini-golf. They had a lot of fun. Not really sure we can call what they ended up doing mini-golf. William did hit the ball a couple of times. He pretty much just wanted to follow Caden around:
Lilli started out the course with a hole in one:
Look at Ryan in this shot:
He is so funny!
This shot shows all of the kids playing:
We spent some time at the playground as well:
The weather was nice enough to spend some time at the pool as well:
I think we crammed in a lot for one day. So much that it was an early night...for all of us :)
Until later!

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