Sunday, December 22, 2013

{sleepover fun + visit with Santa}

Caden had a GREAT night last night, because our friends' son Ryne came to spend the night. It's a family friend, so Caden introduced him to Aunt Lexie as his cousin Ryne. The boys had a blast playing together:

They even did a great job picking up the toys. I was shocked.

Here they are eating their dinner. Ryne was really excited about the cheese pizza:
Caden cracks me up!

Caden was bummed out when Ryne had to leave. He wants him to come and stay again soon. They live in Minnesota, so it probably won't be for awhile.

Today we made a visit to see Santa. We ended up taking a family pic, because Lilli almost started crying. Here is the pic:
Lilli still doesn't look too sure :)
I LOVE it!

Until later!

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