Tuesday, December 31, 2013

{review of this year's resolutions and a preview of 2014's resolutions}

Before I made my list of resolutions for this year, I thought I would go back and read an old list. Here are my resolutions from last year. As a recap, I had seven resolutions:
1) Update the blog more frequently
2) Workout regularly
3) Mail cards for special occasions on time
4) Read more for pleasure
7) Stay organized

The funny thing is that many of these are going to be the same for next year. I'm not saying I failed at my goals for this year, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Updating the blog regularly. It took me half a year, but I finally started to update the blog regularly in June. I have been good ever since then. I am hoping to keep this up. I will not need to include this for next year :)

Working out regularly...that's a tough one. I was good with this, then I got pneumonia and everything went downhill. I never found my way back up. I will be including this again for next year. This time I need to stick with it.

Mailing cards on time for special occasions--not good. I was still horrible with this in 2013. I am including this again for next year. I am starting off on the right foot, because I mailed two cards this AM for birthdays that are next week. Yay!

Reading more for pleasure. I did okay with this one compared to the past. I read more than just books related to teaching. My goal for next year will be to read 25 books. That will include both those read for work-related items and also those read for fun. I plan to keep track of those and keep myself accountable with the blog.

Date nights. Well, I don't really know how we did on that front. Now that Ryan has started the MBA program, there isn't a lot of time for date nights. I think we have been doing a better job of making time for one another after the kids are in bed. Laundry can wait! I will include this one on the list once again.

Crafting. I think I did quite a bit of crafty things this year. I plan to keep Crafty Sunday going, so I don't think I need to include this on my list. Starting to use Project Life will also help with this. I am sure there will be a lot of updates about this. I may even do a once a week update with Project Life.

Staying organized. This is one where I think I'm doing better, but it definitely needs to stay on the list for next year. I want to start the year with everything organized, and then my goal will be to keep it that way. I was happy to see that the garage was the big area where I wanted to get things together. That was accomplished.

So what list does that leave me with for next year?

Resolutions for 2014
1. Workout regularly
2. Mail cards on time for special occasions
3. Read at least 25 books
4. Go on date nights
5. Stay organized

The only other thing I want to add to this list is actually the most important one. It is to spend more time with the kids. I want to learn to let things (dishes, laundry, vacuuming) wait. Who cares? I want to make sure that I spend every second I can with the kiddos. They are my number one priority. And that's the way it should be...

Happy New Year's Eve!

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