Thursday, December 26, 2013

{presents, presents everywhere!}

The children received so many wonderful gifts this year. They were spoiled, but hopefully grateful. The Christmas festivities started at our house. Look at those full stockings:

The kids were pretty excited to see them:
They are both wearing pj's from Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha.
We had great stocking stuffers this year. Ryan and the kids got me a ton of fondant tools. I am excited to try them. We then moved on to look under the tree. Caden was very excited to get his gift from Santa. They always know which gift is from Santa, because it is wrapped in Santa paper :)

Both kiddos got what they asked for from Santa. Caden wanted a Power Rangers Red Ranger Morpher, and Lilli wanted a talking baby. Here is the talking baby:
Lilli decided she was too warm, so she is now wearing her undershirt and no pj top. Opening presents is hard work!
 Here is Caden opening the morpher:

They received many other things about which they were pretty excited. Lilli's big gift this year was a bike. She had to try it out right away:
There is even a seat for her baby on the back!
Here is a better shot to see the bike:
See the baby in the back?
Caden got this present from Lilli. He picked out some Polly Pocket dolls for her.

He opened it right away to try it out:

I love this pic. You can see Lilli opening other presents while wearing the glass (really plastic) slippers she received from Grammy. She thinks these shoes are awesome!

You can see Caden's big gift in this pic. He received a telescope and a microscope (in one kit). He put together the telescope that morning:

Of course we couldn't leave out the pooches. Here is Lilli giving Minka her presents. She also opened them for her :) Bentley had presents as well, of course. She decided he did not want his pic taken.

Lilli also loved clothes. I know, it's weird for a three year old. Remember she is a little diva? Here she is modeling the outfit from Grammy (complete with shoes):

After we finished opening presents at our house, we headed over to Grandma and Bumpah's house. Caden and Lilli were really excited to see Andrew and Baby William:

They also were excited to open more presents, of course:

Lilli got a Lalaloopsy doll. She will fit very well on the back of her Lalaloopsy bike:

We also had a wonderful lunch. After a little bit of playing, we headed back home to veg for awhile. Both kids fell asleep in the car. I carried Lilli upstairs and she woke up, so I decided to snuggle with her for a little bit in our room. Ryan woke us up an hour and a half later :) It was a great day and a wonderful Christmas!

Until later!

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