Tuesday, December 17, 2013

{Lilli's Family Night, Caden's Christmas Program + Cruise day two link}

Tonight was a very busy night! Lilli's Family Night at school was from 5:00-7:00, and Caden's Christmas program was at 6 pm. We hit Lilli's school from 5:00-5:45. There were activities for the kids to complete.

Graham cracker house building. Bumpah was a BIG help:

Plate decorating. Caden drew the heart:

And then Lilli colored it in:

Caden and I had to leave at 5:30 to get him to his school for his holiday program. Lilli stayed behind another 15 minutes with Grandma and Bumpah and then met us at Caden's school. I will post pics and a video from Caden's program tomorrow.

After that we grabbed a bite to eat at West End Pizza, and then we called it a night!

It was a great and BUSY night.

Here is the link to Day Two of the cruise. Enjoy!

Until later!

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