Friday, December 20, 2013

{holiday lights + present wrapping + Cruise Day Five}

Tonight is my school Christmas party, so I am going to post early :) I think it will be a late night. I will catch you up on what we did yesterday. After I picked up the kids from Grandma and Bumpah's, we headed over to Menominee Park to drive through and see the lights. Caden wanted to take pictures:
This is before we got into the park.
Caden would have be stop so he could take the pics.

We then stopped to see Santa's reindeer:
Caden was so happy to take the pics :) He was disappointed they were all blurry.
Lilli was a little unsure. She put her hands over her ears as if the reindeer were going to scream or something. Santa was also there, but Lilli wasn't in the mood to talk with him. Here is a pic that one of the elves took of us while we were waiting:

Caden informed Santa about what he wanted. He also told him what Lilli wanted. I told them we could go back this weekend to see Santa at the mall. Lilli said she would talk to him then :) We will see.

 Here is a pic of the Frosty that Santa to Caden and Lilli to wave to:

After dinner Aunt Lexie stopped over to help me start my Christmas wrapping. Next year, not only do I need to shop early again, but I need to wrap a long the way :) We wrapped for a couple of hours, and I still have quite a bit more to do. I think I also need to cut down on my list next year. I think my goal will be to give out as many handmade gifts as possible. That will require some planning :) I LOVE doing that!

Here is the final link to catch up from the cruise: Cruise Day Five link.

Until later!

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