Sunday, December 29, 2013

{divide + conquer, Crafty Sunday, special blankets}

Ryan and I both had things we needed to do today, so we asked the kids to choose what they wanted to do. Lilli wanted to help Dada, and Caden wanted to hang with me. These errands weren't anything fun, but it is nice to have some one on one time with the kiddos. This means that we each had our own lunch dates. We sent each other pics:

We were able to get a lot done, but it always seems like there is more to do :)

Crafty Sunday Update

Yes, Crafty Sunday does still exist. I am currently working on a cross stitch project. This is something new to me, but I found something that someone I know would LOVE. I can't show pics now, but I will later. It is going to be a surprise for this person :)

I was inspired by the beautiful blankets that my Aunt Diane made for the kids. I can't even begin to imagine how long these took to make. The kids really love them. Here they are after we opened the package:

Lilli was so excited that she even brought it to the store with us: 

Here are some close-up shots of the blankets:



Until later!

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