Monday, December 09, 2013

{Cruise Day Three: Grand Cayman}

Today was our first stop. We went to Grand Cayman. We didn't sign up for any shore excursions, because we didn't really think the kids would enjoy sitting on a bus. They did enjoy riding the tender to get to shore:
So Hollywood in her shades.
All we did was walk and look at the shops. We didn't really take a ton of pictures, because we were shopping. That is not very exciting.

Here is one cute one of Caden and Ryan by a Pirate:

Lilli was not feeling very photogenic this afternoon. If you look carefully, you can see her hiding behind the statue:

While we were shopping, we quickly realized the kids would rather be swimming. We cut the shopping a little short. I did pick up some seasonings of the island, and Caden wanted a wooden toy turtle.

Here is a shot when we were back on the ship and looking at shore:
How beautiful is that?
The kids liked the towel waiting on the bed for us later in the evening:

Lilli ended up knocking it down, and then we picked it back up. She decided it was a werewolf :)

We did quite a bit of swimming again today. The kids were very happy because Aunt Evita and Uncle Gary came to swim with them, too. Oma and Papa stopped by the pool to see them for a little bit as well.

We had a first tonight! Lilli stayed awake for ALL of dinner! She and Caden were so goofy. Also, did I mention how much I LOVE creme brulee?:

After dinner we walked around a little and then headed up to the room. The kids get pretty tired around this time. They don't go to sleep, but they like to snuggle up and watch cartoons with Dada. I headed again to the casino. Did I mention that I won $50 last night? I did. Did I mention that I lost it tonight? Yep, did that, too :(

Until later!

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