Tuesday, December 10, 2013

{Cruise Day Four: Cozumel}

It is sad to think that the cruise is already winding down. Today was our last port of call: Cozumel. It was a lot of fun, because we explored a little of Cozumel with Aunt Evita, Uncle Gary, Grammy, Grandma, and Bumpah. Look how cute this is:
That's one cool dude between two pretty ladies.
Caden and Lilli really took to Aunt Evita and Uncle Gary on the cruise. It was nice that they had this special time with them.

Here is a shot of the group of us:

We did more shopping here than we did in Grand Cayman. Caden even when shopping for a little bit with Aunt Evita. He was very excited, because she got him a Jacob's Ladder toy. She also found a little doll for Lilli.

We snagged a few more pics before we got back on the ship:

Love this pic!

Once again, we decided it made more sense to get back on the ship to eat because it was free :) Plus the food is really good. It is normal to eat mashed potatoes as part of your lunch every day, right?

Tonight we also had a special reserved party for our group only. We all wore our Lauersdorf shirts, even the non-Lauersdorfs :) Here's a shot of the entire group:
Lilli was barely awake for this shot. She wore her shirt as a dress:)
Also, look at this shot that Ryan got of Cozumel:

How pretty...

We wore our shirts to dinner, so dressed wasn't an issue. Caden and Uncle Steve raced with their Jacob's Ladder toys:
Caden ADORES Uncle Steve.
Lilli also got in a snuggle with Aunt Samantha:
Lilli is wearing a dress that Oma gave her. It was adorable.
Like every other night, I ended the night in the casino with the fam. I won $30, and I decided I won't lose it this time:) Dada stayed and snuggled with the kiddos. I owe him!

Until later!

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