Wednesday, December 11, 2013

{Cruise Day Five: Last Day at Sea}

Sadly, this was our last day at sea and our last day of the cruise. We swam, swam, and swam. That was what the kids like doing the most. We did some swimming before lunch, ate, and then we headed back for some more. I think the highlight of the day was when I was in the pool with the kids, and I had this conversation with Caden:

Caden: I think I am dreaming.
Me: Why?
Caden: Because I am having so much fun. You have this much fun in your dreams.
Me: No, Caden, you are not dreaming. You are just a very lucky little boy.

I am happy that he is having that much fun. It was such a sweet and innocent thing to say. I told him that made my heart happy :)

Here are some shots from swimming:
They loved going down the slide together.
Getting ready to go again. Lilli was reaching for his hand.
Her little piggies crack me up!

Ready, sis?
I love it that they play together so well (most of the time).
Dinner tonight Caden wanted to wear his nice shirt and pants again, but no tie or jacket this time. Still a nice looking little man with his Dada:

Lilli did her normal cruise dinner routine, and slept through most of dinner. I think she is just wiped out from the cruise as a whole. Look at this:
It was adorable.

Here are some other pics from dinner:
The Lianes
Oma and Papa
Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha

Aunt Evita took part in a "Thriller" dance reenactment tonight, so we all went out to see her:

This was also the last night in the casino. I didn't win anything, but we had a good time. I also learned on this cruise that it is much more expensive to play the penny slot machines than the quarter slot machines. I know, it doesn't sound like that would be true, but it is.

Tonight I also packed up our bags before going to bed.

I just realized I forgot to tell you that Kleveno, our Christmas elf helper of Santa's, also was on the cruise with us. He was there to watch the kids. They loved waking up every morning to see where he would be.

The kids thought it was great that he flew there to be with us.

Tomorrow AM we disembark. Sad day. We will have one last breakfast, then it is back on shore for us!

Until later!

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