Tuesday, December 24, 2013

{Christmas Eve festivities}

We had a wonderful evening. I LOVE this time of the year. The special decorations help. Here are the stockings that Grammy made for us:
The kids love looking at them.

Danny and Samantha came over early and we had our Christmas with them. The children were spoiled as usual :)
Lilli especially loved her My Little Pony toys.
Caden was thrilled with the Ninja Turtle punching bag :)
By the time everyone came over, Lilli was beyond tired. She was too excited to take a nap today, so it all caught up to her. Here she is snuggling with Grandma on the couch:

3 minutes later:

It was a very smooth evening. We put together all of the food ahead of time, so by the time everyone got here we didn't need to spend anymore time in the kitchen.

For something different, I made some sugar cookie cut-outs and decorated them with royal icing so the kids could color them with food grade markers. They liked it:
Lilli worked on a special cookie to leave for Santa.

Andrew made a cookie when he got here, too. All the kids made a cookie for Santa, I believe. Mine each ate a cookie and made one for Santa.

We always have to have photo time! Aunt Linda found some photo booth props, and we had a great time with those:
Even Minka joined in on the fun:
Doesn't she look so smart?!
We also exchanged gifts from our gift exchange, but that was minor in the whole evening. The kids will remember playing together and decorating cookies more than anything else. And that's the way it should be :)

Until later!

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