Thursday, December 19, 2013

{Caden's Christmas program + Cruise Day Four}

I wanted to share a video with you yesterday from Caden's Christmas program, but I had some technical difficulties. His program lasted around 25 minutes, and it consisted of the 3K kids singing a couple of songs, then all of the kids (including Caden's 4K group) singing a couple more songs together, and then finally the 4K kids sang a couple of songs alone. This video is from when all of the kids sang together. Ryan didn't just focus the video on Caden, because our nephew Adin is in the 3K group. So without further adieu, here is..."Snow Pants."

Caden did a GREAT job. He obviously didn't like the freestyle dance on your own time, but other than that, he nailed the hand gestures. His little smirk he gets on his face at times also gets me every time. He is one cute kid!

Here is the link to Day Four of the cruise. Enjoy!

Until later!

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