Friday, December 27, 2013

{Caden the skiing kid!}

Ryan has been dreaming about taking Caden skiing for a long time. Yesterday was finally the day. We didn't have any plans, and the weather wasn't too bad. I was nervous that Caden might not like it, because I knew that would bum Ryan out. Well...he LOVED it. He was also happy that Bumpah went with them. It was a guys' day out! Check out these pics:
So much cuteness!

I love the look on his face.

He was even able to use the rope tow on his own eventually:

Ryan said he did need help a few times, but our boy is pretty stubborn and likes doing things on his own :)

This is one of my favorite pics.
Check out this big boy!

Love the smile on his face:

This is definitely my favorite pic from the day:
Love it!

Here are two videos of the skiing man:
Falling with Style:

Nice Recovery:

Until later!

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