Saturday, November 30, 2013

{time with Great-Grandpa + lights at the zoo}

Today was a great and PACKED day. We had a yummy lunch at Bob Evan's in Perrysburg, and we met up with Great-Grandpa, Aunt Diane, Uncle Jim, and cousin JJ. The kids were also happy that Amma and Ampa joined us. The food and the company were great. Lilli also received a super cute Christmas outfit from Aunt Diane, and Caden got a flashlight that he had been wanting :) All were happy. Lilli started out as her usual shy self, but eventually she warmed up to everyone. Look at some of these cute pics:
How sweet is this?
Big hugs...
Great-Grandpa thought the kids were pretty cute :) The big hug from Lilli helped.
She hugged JJ and pushed him away. It was funny :)
Hugs for Ampa
Striking a pose
I love them all.

This family pic is especially great. Ryan is the only one missing--he was taking the pic :)

After lunch we stopped over at Amma and Ampa's to play a little more, and then we picked up Grammy and Aunt Ann (she drove separately) to head to the zoo and check out the lights this year. I only had my phone with me, so it wasn't the greatest to take pics of the Christmas lights. Here are the few we did get:
At the entrance of the zoo
Check out this shot! Look at her hat :)
We rented a wagon so the kiddos wouldn't have to walk all over.
Watching the lights go to music.

Silly kids- They climbed up on this so I could take their pic.

The important part is that we had a great time. We took a rest halfway through to have some hot chocolate. The kids were super happy with that rest stop. Mama was, too. :)

It was a great day. It was so great that Caden told me he didn't want to leave Toledo. He wanted to stay for "6 days." He is too funny.

Until later!

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