Friday, November 29, 2013

{our Thanksgiving continues...}

We had our first Thanksgiving celebration yesterday for a great lunch at Maumee Bay State Park. The food was great! The kids were excited to see: Amma, Ampa, and Aunt Steph. They also got to see Jason, his wife Beth, their daughters Samantha and Rachelle, cousin Troy and his two adorable kiddos Madison and Ryan. It was a great time:
Caden got a little frosting on his face when eating his cupcake :)
Happy Thanksgiving!
What a goof!
Here is half of the group:
The rest of the group:
Lilli was not feeling getting her pic taken.
After luncheon we spent some more time with Amma and Ampa at their house. Caden and Lilli were spoiled, as usual :)

Today was the day we celebrated with my mom's side of the family. It was great. Uncle Gary got out all of the boys' old toys, and they were a HIT. It was so great seeing all of the kids play together. We didn't get enough pics, but the boys were so funny together. Caden and Scottie were as thick as thieves. Nikki would have been so happy...
We had to keep reminded them to clean up before they got out new toys :)
The boys had such a great time playing. How cute is Christopher?
Lilli got in on the action, too!

What else says family fun like doing shots? Yep...that happened :)
The kids brought their Squigs so Lilli wanted to show Aunt Ann and Nikko how they work.

It was an exhausting day for all...

Until later!

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