Tuesday, November 12, 2013

{kid yums: pita pizzas}

I already knew what I was making for dinner tonight. I was trying a new recipe for Chicken with Creamy Dijon Sauce that Ryan found online. Because it is Tuesday, which is Ryan's late night, I knew I wanted to feed the kiddos before he would be getting home. I wanted our dinner to be ready to eat right when he got home, so it wouldn't have worked to have Caden and Lilli eat the same thing. (Although I am pretty sure they would have liked it. It was delicious, and I would highly recommend the recipe.) So I decided I should make something for them to eat for dinner with which they could help. We decided that Pita Pizzas it would be! I just used simple store bought pitas (restaurant style, not the presliced ones), pizza sauce in a bottle, shredded mozzarella cheese, and Canadian bacon. I also could have used turkey pepperonis, because they LOVE those. I just didn't have any. Here are some shots of the kids making their pizzas:

 Sauce time!
They were very careful when they spread the sauce.
Lilli was so careful. Right after I took this pic, she asked me to push back her sleeves.
Caden asked if it would be okay if he licked the spoon :)

Cheesing it up! You can never have too much cheese :)

The finished products!
They LOVED them. Unfortunately, Mama didn't think to take any pics of them eating them :( It was cute how they wanted to see how they looked while they were cooking. They helped me decide when they were ready. I just set the oven at 375 degrees, and they cooked for around 10 minutes. It was a dinner success!

Side note: Did you notice the hair pretty in Lilli's hair? So cute. She has been fighting me SO MUCH about putting anything in her hair. Even pulling it back into a pony. Today after I picked the kids up from Grandma and Bumpah, I took them to Walgreens to let Lilli choose her own hair pretties. This is one of them that she chose. And she let me put it in her hair. And she didn't pull it out. sigh of relief. Let's hope this continues!

Until later!

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