Tuesday, November 26, 2013

{frame show at the Paine}

Tonight was Insight Eye Care's annual frame show at the Paine Art Center. The kids had a great time as usual. It is always so beautiful looking at the Christmas trees there. The kids LOVE playing in the lower level where they have various items for the kids. The always love putting on the puppet shows. Here is a sampling of one of their shows from tonight:

There are some other things from them to do there as well:
They picked some veggies for me from the pretend garden.
Lilli rocked on the rocking horse. Notice Caden in the background? He thought this was too funny.
It was a great (and busy) night. Tomorrow is the big drive to Toledo, so I better hit the hay! I need to still pack a few things in the morning. We will be hitting the road around 5 pm. Say a prayer for us for safe travels! I am hoping we manage to miss all snow.

Until later!

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