Thursday, November 14, 2013

{finding time to read}

Obviously as a mommy, wife, and teacher, I am pretty busy. I sometimes feel that all I do is rush from one thing to the next. Lately, I have been making a conscious effort to carve out some time for me. I decided I wanted to make more time for myself to read. I read a lot at school, but it is not always what I choose to read. That has changed for me.

When Ryan and I went to Scotland last October, we went on a literary tour. The author whose name came up the most was Ian Rankin. He wrote a detective series about Inspector Rebus. I had never read anything of Rankin's when I visited Edinburgh. Now I wish I had. When I went to the library with the kiddos, I had them reserve the first in his Rebus series called Knots and Crosses.
 It was SO good. I think I read the entire thing in three days. I am now on the third in the series. They are definitely only for people who like detective series. The main character, Rebus, is really a flawed character; I think that is why I like him so much. I also like that so many places in Edinburgh are mentioned. That is the setting for all of the stories. I remember some of the places as they are described in the books. I am really enjoying my time. I have had to trade off some other things (I am talking roaming on Pinterest...not the laundry), but it so worth it. I have read several other books in there, too, but the Inspector Rebus have been a highlight.

I also like it that the kids see me with a book. I think they have started reading more as well. Tonight, I had to send them to their rooms for fighting. Yes, they are not always angels :) I peeked my head into their rooms to see what they were doing. They were both reading. Lilli had grabbed a HUGE book, and all I could see when I looked in were her little feet and the top of her head. The rest of her body was blocked by the book. Caden was leaning on his chair thumbing through one of his comic books. Completely content. The time I wanted them to stay in their rooms had passed, but I didn't want to call time and interrupt their reading. I climbed on my bed and grabbed a magazine. It was so quiet and nice. Caden did eventually ask if he could come out. They apologized to each other, and we moved on. I was so happy to see that when left on their own in their rooms, they chose to read. I think this reflects what Ryan and I have shown them. At least I hope it does.

Currently, Caden's favorite books have anything to do with superheroes. Here is one of them that he really likes:

Lilli likes any of her "God books," as she calls them. One of her favorites is this:

Have you read any good books lately?

Until later!

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