Wednesday, November 13, 2013

{cruise time nears...}

Did I mention before that we are going on a three weeks?! Yep, Papa (Bill) wanted to take a big family reunion cruise, so we are all (I think over 30 of us) setting sail on the Brilliance of the Seas. It should be a great time. The kids are excited that Grammy will be there, too :) Grandma and Bumpah are coming as well. Check out the ship:
Not too shabby...
I am trying to get the kids prepared. Caden is not too sure about the cruise. He is worried because the ship will be surrounded by sharks. I made the mistake of answering yes when he asked if sharks would be in the ocean. I shouldn't have lied, right? He doesn't like the idea that the sharks will be that close. I have tried to explain that we will be up pretty high, but he is still a little leery :) I will have to show him some videos about how cool the ship is. I am thinking I definitely shouldn't show him the movie "Sharknado."

I plan to start packing next week. I am the most concerned about packing for the kids. I don't want to pack too much, but I also don't want to get there and realize I didn't pack enough. I've marked a few webpages to read about packing kids for a cruise, but I just haven't had time to read them as of yet. That will have to change :) If anyone has ANY suggestions, I would love them!

Until later!

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