Sunday, November 03, 2013

{Building for Kids with Dada}

Today was a great day. We decided to head up to Appleton and visit the Building for Kids. The kids so love the museum, and they were over the top excited that Dada would be able to go with us. He had never been there before today. We trekked up to Appleton right after church. We had a nice lunch first at Good Company:


Lilli LOVES having her hand traced. Notice how fancy it is? She even had me put some rings on her fingers :)

Then after lunch we went to the museum. Here are the highlights:

Caden loved the Strider section right now that has the pedal-free bikes to ride:

Lilli got in on the action, too!
Can you see her shoes? She is wearing Tinkerbell light up shoes... So practical...
There was also some time to shoot some hoops:

With a little hoop for Lilli:

I think Dada liked the crane where you can pick up and move the magnets more than the kids did :)

 The kids have always loved the section with the cut up tires. Good times!

Safety first!

Caden was digging a hole in the back corner:

Dada rescued the kids from the hole!
She may look like she is screaming, but Lilli is laughing :)


Then Dada buried the kids. They thought it was hilarious!

 Lilli always like the art studio. Caden, not as much...

 But he did enjoy playing with the Lincoln Logs in there:

We made a pretty sweet log cabin:

We ended the trip with a stop in the doll hospital... of course. This, as I've mentioned before, is Lilli's favorite stop in the museum. Look at that face...

Until later!

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