Monday, September 30, 2013

{Wisconsin's Optometrist of the Year}

Now that I am back home, I have my cable to take the pictures off of my camera. I want to share some of the pics from the luncheon last Friday when Bumpah received his big award: Optometrist of the Year in the state of Wisconsin. It was funny because he didn't even realize he was the one being recognized until he saw Caden and Andrew walk into the room. He was very overwhelmed to receive the top award for the year. We were all so proud and happy that we could surprise him and be there when he found out. Here are some of the pics:
Here he is at the podium saying a few words.
Nice looking award, right?
The boys ran up to Bumpah after he was done speaking.
The entire group (Jordon, Cara, Baby William, Pam, Dick, Ryan, Lilli, and me. Caden and Andrew in the front.)
It was a great time!

Speaking of great times, Caden did much better at hockey tonight. I will update about it tomorrow!

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