Monday, September 09, 2013

{Superman drawstring bags}

I was really stumped about what to make for Caden's birthday party in October. I LOVE to always make something to give to the kids. Remember Lilli's party? :) Because he had a superhero themed party last year, I have already made capes for the kids. I didn't want to do the same thing this year. This year's theme is Superman and the Justice League. After thinking and thinking, I finally came up with an idea! I am going to make each kid a drawstring bag to hold all of their goodies. They will be able to keep using it, plus it will be machine washable. Plus it also involves me new love...the sewing machine!

The first step was finding the perfect fabric. I did:

 Then I picked out the cording for the drawstring:

I found a really easy online tutorial from Kitty Baby Love that I am using. You can find it here. It really is pretty easy. I made one right away to make sure I could do it. Here are some pics:

Here is a shot of it pulled shut--

Caden saw it out on the counter the next day, and he grabbed it and filled it with toys right away. That shows me that I made the right decision to make this for the kids. Now I need to make 9 more before the end of October. I decided to do one step every Sunday until they are done. So last night I worked on doing the first step for all of them. Here is my pile of completed step ones:

I cut all of them out last Sunday. That was the long part, I think. I also have enough fabric left over that I plan to do a couple more projects with this fabric. I will see how I am doing with time :)

I will post pics when I finish them all. I am also thinking of making mini ones for Baby William (as Lilli calls him) and Baby Max. They would just look cute with little bags. I know functionally that wouldn't be of much use :)

Until later!


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