Sunday, September 15, 2013

{Quarry Quest (pic overload!)}

As I said yesterday, the kids and I had a great day on Saturday. We went with my friend Sheri, her husband Mark, their cute guy Carter, and my father in law to Quarry Quest in Neenah. None of us had ever been there before. After parking, we got into Quarry Quest around 9:45 am, and we didn't leave until after 2 pm! The kids were thrilled. There were diggers EVERYWHERE! Here are some of the highlights:
So excited to be going in!!!
Can you see the antennae from the walkie-talkies behind Caden's head?

 The boys had a great time playing with the walkie-talkies--

The kids and I decided to get a quick pic while we waited to ride one of the diggers. I counted 14 of them in a row!--

In awe...
Caden was very excited to "drive" the digger--

Each kid got to dig twice--

Lilli was a little afraid, so Bumpah hung on the side of the digger while Lilli was in it--

He was definitely more excited than Lilli was :) --

There was also a fire truck there. 
Bumpah and Caden inspected the truck.
Lilli climbed right in. Last time we saw a fire truck she wanted nothing to do with it.
Super excited to get there spongy little cones.

The National Guard was there with some push pedal carts that the kids got to ride. Even Lilli wanted to ride on one! I couldn't believe it--

 Lilli needed quite a bit of help. Here little legs didn't quite make it--

They were also doing face painting. At first the boys said they didn't want to do it, but when Lilli decided she wanted to do it, then the boys wanted to as well :)

So happy!
Caden's turn!
 Notice how happy they are? This was before we realized this was REAL military face paint. Real THICK and GREASY face paint... Oy vey... Caden was pretty upset when it got all smeary and wouldn't come off. We ended up scrubbing it off about 30 minutes after this pic :)

The Building for Kids (The Children's Museum that we go to) had a digging area where kids could di up dinosaur "eggs." The kids had a great time in here. Here is Lilli with her "egg"--

Caden helped her use the hammer to unearth the dinosaur--
Safety first with proper eye protection
Caden eventually found his own egg and cracked out his dinosaur
The kids were pumped that the HUGE Festival Foods shopping cart was there. We had to stand in line to ride it!

Can you tell Lilli is still happy at this point?

 This is right before she started to cry. She did NOT like it when the engine was revved. I LOVE that they are holding hands :)

The last activity was did was pan for Fool's Gold. I thought this was awesome!

Caden was really good at finding his "gold."

Lilli got to be pretty good herself!

Here they are after they went to the Gold Exchange to have their "gold" weighed.

After all of that hard work, they needed a treat. What better than a Sponge Bob popsicle? I will NEVER get one of these again. BIG MESS!!! but happy kids :)

It was a great day!!!

I will fill you in about Crafty Sunday tomorrow. I got quite a bit done.

Until later!


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