Sunday, September 01, 2013

{Monsters Inc. birthday fun}

We started today like most Sundays--at church. Caden is old enough now that he will be starting Sunday school in two weeks. He is looking forward to it. Almost as much as they look forward to the cookies at church:
Yes, a chocolately marshmallow mess :)

We then headed home to finish up a few things before we left for Adin's 4th birthday party. I first finished up the cake by adding the door banner:

The kids had a great time at the party. Here are some of the highlights:

How cute are the boys in their matching shirts?! Max was sleeping, so he is not in the pic. And Lilli didn't feel like having her pic taken :)

Look at this cute game that Aunt Linda came up with. The kids had to try to throw Mike Wazowski's eye into the hole --

They did a pretty good job! Here is the birthday boy taking a few shots--



The blondies in our family :) Lilli and Adin, the birthday boy--

So cute--

Lilli even found some time to kick off her shoes in relax in her Randall glasses--

Then it was a string pulled pinata time--

The kids needed more candy :) --

William even got in on the action--

Lilli was thrilled that she got a gummy eye ball from the pinata--

Not the most attrative thing to chew. She insisted on the entire thing at one time--

Look at the cool hats they got at the party! --

This family knows how to party!!!

Lilli fell alseep after we left the party, but Caden insisted he wasn't tired. He ended up falling asleep for the night at 6:45 pm...with no dinner. Wish us luck :)

Because it is Sunday, which I have deemed Craft Sunday, I worked on another craft today. I decided to put my skirt making on hold (I want to work on that soon), because I felt that I need to get things set for Caden's birthday party in October. I know that seems like far off, but it really isn't. I am working on making something for each kiddo. I love doing that. Yes, I know I don't need to. Yes, I know it is more for me than the kids... I know! I know! But I LOVE it :) Here is a hint at what I am making. It involves this:

And this:

Any ideas?

Until later!

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