Friday, September 06, 2013

{mommy + daddy overnight vacay...kinda}

Not everyone in Ryan's Executive co-hort is from Oshkosh. As part of the orientation, they had a dinner tonight for the spouses as well. This was their way to say, "Look at them now, because you won't see much of them for the next 16 months!" I, of course, wanted to attend the dinner. Not only that, Ryan got a room for us at the new Best Western on the water:
The best part is that it's part of the program, so no extra fee for the room :)
So we treated it as a mini-vacay. Here are some pics:

The theme was Germany + Prague, so the food, decor, and music matched--

Black Forest desserts--

A view at night from the tent--

Cute sign they had--

The kiddos are with Grandma and Bumpah...having too much fun:

Fishing with Bumpah--

Playing frisbee inside, because they're were bugs outside :) --
Until later!


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