Thursday, September 12, 2013

{Lilli's birthday Shutterfly book}

I dedicated tonight to finishing Lilli's book for her third birthday party and her actual birthday. I made the kids each a Shutterfly book last year of the parties, and they absolutely LOVE them. They still look at them. They really don't take a long time to put together, and it always seems like I get a coupon for them at Target. I just got one last month for a free 8X8 book, so that is what I made. I had to add some extra pages, but after added them and including shipping, the book only cost $12. Not too shabby :)

I don't think it looks too bad considering it only took me about two hours to put together. My goal is to go back and make books for the kids' previous birthdays. I plan to make them and just keep them in my account until there is a sale or I have another coupon :)

What do you think?

Until later!


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