Monday, September 02, 2013

{Labor Day cleaning frenzy :)}

Happy Labor Day! I used today to get a couple last minute things done at the house before heading back to school tomorrow. I have been putting off going through the kids' dressers and closets to pull clothes that no longer fit them. Today was the day! I also just needed to clean/sort Caden's room in general. It looked like a tornado had hit it:
Well, the drawer was out because we were sorting...and I'll admit the Starbucks cup was mine from today:)

Caden even helped me sort:
I will show you the after pics tomorrow. It looks great. Caden was so excited.

I also took care of Lilli's room. I needed to pull a ton of her clothing. She "helped" me. Mostly unfolding things I had folded. Pulling things out of totes. Telling me when I was wrong about something not fitting her... :) Yep. Lots of help.

The kids and I went out and got new shoes for school. They loved them. Caden even posed in them for me:

Lilli wasn't in the mood.

Overall it was a good day. The kids played a lot together. They were outside for awhile:
Lilli's outfit was RIDICULOUS! She thought she looked like a rock star :)

They played in the lower level for a long time. Caden was pretending killer whales were trying to get them. It was pretty funny...

Wish us ALL luck tomorrow. Caden's first day at 4K, Lilli's first day of preschool, and I have my first day with students. Lots of firsts!

Until later!


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