Monday, September 23, 2013

{kids fun run}

Friday night the kids ran in the Guardian Kids Fun Run in Appleton. I was sad to miss the run, but Ryan, my brother, and Samantha were there with them. Ryan sent me a video, so I was still able to see the action:

Here is also a super cute pic of the race:
Yes, Lilli is running in ruffle pants and Caden is running in jeans :)
After the race, the kids were excited to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. Here are some shots from Aunt Samantha of the kiddos:

I am happy that they love to do these little races. It is something that I will keep encouraging as they get older. I want my kiddos to continue being active. I see what happens by the time they get to high school if they are not encouraged. I don't want that. And speaking of being active, Caden had hockey tonight. I will update you about that tomorrow. I will give you a sneak piece of info, he switched to single blade skates today. How do you think that went? :)

Until later!


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