Tuesday, September 24, 2013

{hockey update-single blade skates}

Caden had another hockey lesson yesterday. It was rough. He switched back to the single blade skates, so his sense of stability was removed. He fell... A LOT. More than he has in the past. He was so defeated, but he kept getting back up:

I reassured him that it would get easier, just like it did after the first time he was on the double blade skates. I talked with Coach Joey after class, and he will be giving Caden a couple private half hour skating lessons. Caden is happy about that. His first one will be Thursday after his hockey lesson. He is excited. He knows it will help him to get better.

Can you tell which kiddo is Caden?
He is not the one in the front. Although that little guy was having some issues, too :)

Lilli was right there cheering him on:

If you look carefully, you can see that she was giving him thumbs up in this shot:

He was telling me he didn't think he can do it. Yes, he can. He will see :) Side note- Caden slept VERY well that night.

Until later!


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