Tuesday, September 17, 2013

{hockey update + Lilli's preschool progress}

Yesterday Caden had hockey. This is his second week. He is still just learning to skate. He still falls...a lot. He still keeps getting back up. That makes mama happy :) You will notice that he is a little more padded than the last pics I shared. He now has hockey gloves, knee pads, double-blade skates, and I put him in his snow pants. I think that all of this padding has taken away the fear of falling. When we were driving to the Y yesterday, he told me he was going to work "on his falling." At first I thought that meant he was going to try not to fall as much, but after watching his practice, I think he meant work on his falling technique :)

Ryan and I decided that we are going to start taking him to open skate times in order for Ryan to work with him. We are also going to switch him back to single blade skates in a couple weeks. We want him to build his confidence, but we don't want to let him go too long on the double-blades.

One of the games they played was gathering animals that had escaped from the zoo. The coach threw a bunch of beanie baby type animals around on the ice, and then the kids needed to collect them and skate them over to the basket. They then needed to bend down to place them in the basket. Ryan got a video. I had to break it up into two separate videos because the file was too large to send from my phone. He is the little guy dressed in all black (I think it was really navy blue)--
Part I

Part II

Cute, right? I was very proud of him. He didn't fall :)

He seems to really have fun. I am happy that he is liking it. Here are a couple more pics:

He's in the middle.
Here he is skating some more :)
Here's a shot of his fan club from the bleachers:

I haven't updated you about Lilli's progress in preschool for awhile, so I thought I should take some time to do that. She still cries every morning when getting dropped off, but she does seem to like it. The director of the school has even sent me some pics, which of course I LOVE getting.

Here is a pic she sent me last week:
It was during story time. How cute is that outfit she is wearing?! I would wear it if it fit me!

The director, April, sent me this one today that read, "Lilli said,'Look I'm not crying anymore. I like school. I'm going to tell grandma.'"--

I am happy she is warming up to preschool. Mornings are a little rough when she sees me grab her school bag. Now if only she would start having a desire to use the potty...

I will leave you with a pic of Lilli checking how cold the ice pack Caden was wearing after he bumped his head:
 Love them :)

Until later!


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