Wednesday, September 11, 2013

{getting up early to have more energy?}

I know that it sounds backwards to say that I have been getting up earlier to have more energy, but that is exactly what I am doing. After I got pneumonia, I had to put working out on the back burner for a while. At first I was really bummed about that, but I quickly got used to not working out and sleeping in. Truth be told, I should have continued to walk on the treadmill or something...but it was too easy to just not. So that's what I did. Not. I did not get up early. I did not walk on the treadmill. I did not attempt to carry on working out really in any form. And then I got tired. Since getting a little older wiser, I've realized I need to get up early to get my work out in for the day. I get less sleep, but I am so much more energized during the day. Now that I am pretty much recovered, I am back to getting up early to have more energy :)
Of course that doesn't mean I smile when the alarm clock goes off (all three times before I finally get sick of hitting snooze and get out of bed). I do smile when I am leaving the Y at 6:05 am after a good workout, and some people are still in bed. I do smile when I notice my pants fit a little nicer or when I put the kids to bed and don't feel like I must go to bed at 8:00 right along with them :) I am all around a lot happier when I fit in my exercise. And the best part about the early morning workouts? I don't miss any time at all with my kiddos!

And speaking of kiddos, here's a pic of Caden showing you how to drink milk while wearing a hockey helmet (sorry it's blurry)--

Until later!


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