Friday, September 13, 2013

{family time}

With the beginning of the school year and Ryan starting his E MBA program, it's been busy at our say the least. While being busy is a normal part of life, Ryan and I always want to make sure we are spending enough quality time with the kiddos. They need to know they are always number one in our life, even if it might not seem that way at times.

Our kids LOVE eating at West End Pizza...mostly because of the arcade area. We like the pizza (and they have a gluten free crust--yes!), so we decided we would eat dinner there tonight. We didn't tell the kids where we were going, we just went. They were very excited! Our dinner was great, and the kids had a wonderful time  playing games. Caden even won Lilli a new stuffed animal:

Lilli and I also took pics of each other at dinner:
That is her baby diaper bag on the table. She uses it like a purse. :)

After we were done with dinner, we stopped at Target to buy "Peter Pan." I have been meaning to buy this for the kids, and I thought tonight would be the perfect time to watch it. The kids always love a trip to Target. Lilli also picked out an umbrella with part of her birthday gift card:

And here's Caden just being cute:

They LOVE watching on the big screen in the lower level. It's like our own little movie theater. Caden liked "Peter Pan" and informed us that he wants to watch it "every night." Lilli didn't really pay too much attention to the movie. She was too busy changing her baby's poopy diaper :)

It was a good night. The kids were all tuckered out:

Until later!


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