Monday, September 16, 2013

{crafty Sunday recap + slow cooker pre-cook}

I'm making some headway on the Superman drawstring bags :) Yesterday I was able to get to the next step on all of them, and I even completely finished two of them. Here are some pics:

I worked on sewing the outside of the bags--

Here they all are lined up on the ironing board after I finished for the day (so I thought)--

Then I decided to just finish a couple while Ryan was outside playing with the kids--

I also made dinner LAST night for tonight! Yep, I used my crockpot and cooked a 5 hour recipe. I usually enjoy these recipes more than the longer cooking ones. They don't end up dry. I found it in my Woman's Day magazine:

And I used my new crockpot I got for my birthday (I think):
My old one was cracked.

This was perfect, because I was able to have dinner cook last night while we were at home, and then today all I needed to do was warm it up. I needed something quick, because Caden had hockey tonight. I will update you about that tomorrow. I even have a new video!

I will leave you with a pic of Lilli from yesterday. In the afternoon, she insisted that she wasn't tired. What do you think?
She fell asleep on the bottom stair of the lower level :) Yep, not tired...

Until later!


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