Saturday, September 07, 2013

{Caden's bedroom}

This morning Ryan's orientation for the EMBA program continued. The spouse session was nice. We learned about the case study they have been working on this week. We then watched the groups present. It was very nice. No pics. So I decided to go back and show you the after pics of Caden's room :)

Here are the before pics. Please, do not judge me... I was super busy, and that is why Caden's room got so out of hand..

And yes, remember the Starbucks cup is mine :)

Yep, everything was everywhere. Sometimes it's just too easy to close the door.

Here are the after pics:

It bothers me that the toy box cannot be centered under the window, but the air vent is right there...

As you can see, I flipped Caden's bed around. Not a big change, but he was THRILLED. He thought it was so cool. He is still excited about it. Do you see the Batman pillowcase being used? :)

And another shot of his organized closet. There was a TON of stuff in there. Honestly, there was still some things up there from when he was an infant. I probably should get around to cleaning the closets a little more often...

I have his shirts organized by type and then color. So I have all of the hoodie type sweatshirts first, then polo shirts, then regular long sleeved shirts. He likes to keep his container of Legos in the closet, I have extra blankets on the top, and the box next to the blankets is his box of comic books :) My friend Pat started him with his own little collection. It has some kid friendly classics in there. Caden thinks they are pretty special.

Until later!


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