Thursday, September 05, 2013

{adjusting to our new schedule...trying to save time}

Not only is going back to school for me an adjustment, but now having to get two kiddos ready in the morning for school (Lilli just Tuesdays and Thursdays) is quite an adjustment. I do as much as possible to keep us organized in the morning. I HATE rushing. It puts me in a bad mood, and who wants to start the day in a bad mood? I pick up the clothes for the kids on Sunday for the entire week. I bought these to hang in their closets:

They aren't full now because today is Thursday :) The one hanging next to it is for shoes. It's nice to keep them all in one spot.

Those do help a lot. But on mornings when Lilli doesn't like what was picked out for doesn't help. This morning for example, she looked excited that Dada was going to put her into her super cute outfit. Who wouldn't want to wear sparkly pink pants? (Thanks, Aunt Cara and Uncle Jordon-she loves them.) She was NOT liking the shirt I had so carefully picked out for her. Then there were tears...and very quickly all of the extra time I saved for us by pre-selecting the clothing is eaten.

One of my colleagues at work gave me a great idea to give Lilli three cards for the week. That is how many times she is allowed to change her outfit in the morning, per week. Once the three cards are gone, she is stuck wearing what I selected. I think I will try that. It's hard having a little diva for a daughter :)

I also decided to move my start time at work from 7:30 to 7:40. I do need the extra 10 minutes. This, of course, means I will need to stay at work longer, but that doesn't really matter. Most days I'm not able to leave by 3:30 anyway. I think having those extra 10 minutes will help me in the AM.

I try to pack our lunches the night before as well. That does help, too.

The next area where I need to improve to streamline things in the house is to do a better job with meal planning. I hate working all day, then going to pick up the kids, then getting home and having no idea what I am making for dinner. I usually sketch some things out on the weekend, but we don't always stick with it. We need to stick with it. I want to start doing some freezer meals again. I want to just take 10 minutes to get dinner going, and then have all of the rest of the time to play with the kids. My goal is to do more freezer meal research this weekend and start with them next week. I am starting with The Pioneer Woman's blog. I just love her. She has some great tips to avoid having a casserole every night. That is not the direction in which I'd like to go.

Anyone else have suggestions? :)

I'll leave you with a cute pic of the kids from tonight. Because Dada is in orientation for the MBA program, the kids and I are spending lots of quality time together :) I met Grandma and Bumpah at the playground of Read Elementary school to get the kiddos. It's next to our church. The kids had a great little break.

Caden showing his climbing abilities--

Lilli loving to swing--
Notice her shirt? So true...

Until later!


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