Monday, August 12, 2013

{washing machine vs. our carpet}

I decided I would take some pics of our lower level. That is where our washing machine drained onto our floor... ultimately ruining the carpet in our lower level. Ryan ripped up the carpet where it had gotten wet, due to the smell, so here is what we are left with:

This is the area right at the bottom of our lower level stairs from the basement door to the playroom.

Here is a shot into the playroom. The water also came in through the closet in this room.
I CANNOT wait for the carpet to be replaced. Floorquest has been awesome helping to get this done ASAP for us. The measured on Wednesday, we picked out the carpet on Thursday, and it will be installed this Friday. Yay!!!

The carpet we wanted it backordered until later this month, so they upgraded to the higher quality and did not charge us anything extra. Even better :)

It hopefully will not be happening again. The washing machine got a new drain pump today, so we should be good to go!

Here is a quick peek from this morning in the house. Caden helped Mama make pancakes:

He looks half asleep because he still is at this point :)
He also helped me add the mini chocolate chips to the pancakes while they were cooking. He did a great job.

I will update you tomorrow about our fun play date with Maddie and Nathan :)

Until later!


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