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{Tinkerbell + Peter Pan party success!}

We had a wonderful time today. The weather was perfect, and the kids were all wonderful. I have to warn you, this post may give you picture overload syndrome. There are a lot...

Ryan and I got up early to put all of the finishing touches on the yard. I think it turned out pretty well. I got a lot of the ideas from Classy Clutter. I started our fun with the sliding door leading to the backyard:

I didn't have Cricut cartridge with the Peter Pan characters flying. I had to cut those out by hand...

Because there have been times when I've almost forgotten to give out the goody bags, I made sure they were right out in the open where the kiddos would grab them right away.

Here is what I put in the bags:

Boy bag--bubbles (Target), Peter Pan coloring book (Dollar Store), Jake puzzle (Dollar Store), Pirate eye patch (Target), Peter Pan hat (I made), Tinkerbell blower (Party City), and both Tinkerbell and Jake fruit snacks (Target).

The girl bag was pretty close to the same. The main difference was they got a Tinkerbell puzzle (Dollar Store) and a wand (Target).

I made all of my signs using regular poster board and poster markers that I got at Walgreens.
I love this sign. I got the idea from Classy Clutter that I linked above. The miles to London from Oshkosh I Googled and it is "as the crow flies" :) Ryan stapled them to the post for me, and then he screwed it to our deck.

This area of the yard was labeled Pixie Hollow. I had goodies buried in the sandbox for each kid to find.

Mermaid Lagoon is where we put a ton of water balloons for the kids to throw at the Captain Hook Pic. Here's a tip. If you do this, make sure you hide the balloons until you are ready to do the activity. We ended up not begin able to have everyone do it because all of the balloons were used. No biggie! The kids still had fun.

My mom and Bill sent me this blow up alligator/crocodile, so we set up a Wrestle Tick-Tock Game.

Whenever you are dealing with pirates, you know you might have to Walk the Plank. Ryan put this together this AM. The kids loved it. He didn't connect the middle support, so it bounced as the kids walked.

Pirate Cove-Check out the pirate ship my father-in law made!
Side view
I labeled the eating area under the carport tent
We put the tables under the carport tent for some shade. I kept it simple with flowers that I got on sale at Festival for $2.98 a bouquet!
Shot of the backyard
Slightly different angle

The fun really began when people started to get there. I think Caden and Lilli were getting a little antsy to start playing. Our first friends to stop over where Maddie and Nathan with their daddy.

Getting all "fairied up" with her wings and wand from Target.

Nate was a pretty cute little pirate.

Caden shows he is a pirate who doesn't need an eye patch. He just closes that other eye :) The Peter Pan shirt Caden is wearing was Ryan's when he was in preschool. Love...

Mads shows off her skills walking the plank!
She breezed right through.
I love this pic! Lilli dressed as Tinkerbell, with a Peter Pan hat, carrying a pirate sword.
I found the template for the Peter Pan hat here. For someone who doesn't sew, I think it was a manageable task. It also has shown me that I really like to sew. This could be trouble...

Food is always very important at a party of course. I used Pinterest as a way to search for food inspiration. There was so much out there. I went with mostly normal things, but I just tried to come up with cute names. For example, I called the chicken legs "Mini Tick-Tock Croc Legs." Or I called the potatoes "Wendy's Cheesy Potatoes." I liked doing this because I was able to serve things I knew people would like, plus I found it to be entertaining coming up with the names. I also clumped some things together with one name. I put all the fruits and vegetables in the same area and labeled it as Garden Grub: 

I printed free little Tinkerbell cards from to label all of the food.
I also made some "Pixie Punch." I forgot to take a pic of that. It was red and delicious. I just used a bottle of Brisk Fruit Punch, a bottle of 7UP, and scoops of raspberry and orange sherbet. I don't like to get the type with green in it, because then the whole thing ends up looking like swamp water.

I had to have a dessert area as well:


 I included a multi-layer jello "Jake's Jello," that my brother made. "Pixie" Sticks, chocolate coins "Doubloons," and the Meringue Mushrooms--which were a hit. Here is the link for the Meringue Mushrooms. They didn't take long to throw together, but they do take two hours to dry out in the oven at 200 degrees. It doesn't mention this in directions, but make sure you use a COLD metal bowl for the mixing. It will save you time. I will definitely be making these again in the future.

Here is the close-up shot again:

Lilli's upper lip demonstrates the color of the punch nicely :)

As you can see, the kids LOVED the food:

After we finished eating, it was time to play some games. We started it off by going to Pixie Hollow to see what Tinkerbell buried in the sandbox. I got most of the toys we buried at Party City. I paid around $.35 for each thing.

The kids were patient as I explained the directions.
I didn't bury anything too deep, because I didn't want tears from not being able to find something.
I love this pic, because you can see them holding onto their cards to see what else they still needed to find.

Here is a close-up of the card--

Every kiddo was able to find all 5 things.

Next on the game list was wrestling Tick-Tock Croc. There were a lot of laughs as the kids tried to hold on as Tick-Tock tried rolling them. Caden tried it out first, and Tick-Tock had already rolled him off by the time Dada got over with the camera :)

Lilli wasn't too sure the first time, but she ended up loving it!
Andrew LOVED doing this. He wanted to go again and again.
As an added bonus, this is a pretty good arm workout for the person shaking the hammock.
How cute is that face?

Adin thought this was pretty hilarious.

 Did I mention we also had cute babies there? I They got hats as well. I just made them a tad bit smaller:

William, or as Lilli calls him, "Baby William."
 Everyone looks forward to cake time. Now, this cake isn't what I originally had in mind, but I made it work. The flowers I made yesterday morning were still not firm enough for me to easily move them. I moved what I could, and then I improvised:

Lilli was pleased with the cake. And yes, she is now Cinderella. If you look back through the pictures, she has MULTIPLE wardrobe changes. My little diva....

Did you notice the collar of my shirt? Any guesses why I wore it? Huh?
Caden and I had to help Lilli blow out the candles.
I love the look of determination on his face :)

Present time was after cake. Lilli was looking forward to this all day. I could see her eyeing up the present table while she was playing outside. She got so many great things. Here are just a few of them:

Princess cash register

A baby with her own case and wardrobe

Many cute outfits and bracelets

Baby Rapunzel
All in all, it was a great party! It was a lot of work, but the kids had so much fun. That's what matters. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Now I need to start planning Caden's Superman/Justice League party for October. I am open for suggestions :)

Until later!


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